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Herb Grinder

A herb grinder is a cylindrical device with a top and a bottom that are separate and have sharp teeth or pegs. These pegs are arranged in such a way that when both halves are turned, material inside is shredded.

Herb grinder is used to shred herbs, spices and tobacco. Some grinders come with two or three compartments instead of just one, and these compartments are separated with a fine screen. Therefore, when herbs are being ground, fine particles such as pollen pass through, but larger plant material is filtered out.

Grinders called "four-stages" are also popular. These are similar to regular grinders, but unlike the regular grinders which have only one fine screen, four stages grinders include a second fine screen to further separate pollen or other tiny plant matter.

There are also 5 stage grinders available in the market. Most are made from anodized aluminum. When a herb grinder is used to shred tobacco, it makes the smokes smoother and the tobacco lasts longer. Herb grinders are very useful for anyone who rolls their own smokes.

These herb grinders are also used to make tobacco snuff. Snuff is basically tobacco which is ground into a fine powder, which can then be consumed without smoking. Herb grinders can also be used to ground spices and cooking herbs for cooking.

A spice mill herb grinder enhances the flavor of food preparations and it also makes it easier to grind herbs for medicines. However, when a herb or spice is ground automatically starts losing its flavor and nutritional value. Therefore, by growing or buying whole herbs or spices and then grinding them - will get the best flavor and quality. Since blenders and food processors are often too big and inconvenient, grinders have the ability to grind small amounts of herbs and spices in a matter of seconds.

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