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How to Use a Weed Grinder

How to Use a Weed Grinder?

A weed grinder is a cylindrical device with a top and bottom that separate into two parts, both parts having sharp teeth or pegs that shred the weed inside once they start turning. There are many different kinds of weed grinders. The basic principle behind how they are used, however, is the same.
For the average 4-piece weed grinder, the first step is to remove the lid of the top section. The buds and herbs can then be placed onto the pegs, or the sharp teeth, in a circular fashion somewhere between the center and the outer edge of the weed grinder. Herbs that are placed in the center of the weed grinder don't get shredded very well. The next step is to turn the lid repeatedly in each direction to shred and grind the herbs onto the next section. Look inside the lid to make sure all of the herbs have gone through to the next section of the contraption. 5-6 rotations are good enough to give the herbs a good shredding. If there are still some left, give it a few more rotations in each direction before peaking again. Once all the herbs have made it through the next section of the weed grinder, the herbs have been perfectly ground and ready to be enjoyed. Shake the weed grinder lightly to even out the ground up herbs inside to make sure nothing spills out when the weed grinder is opened. Shaking the weed grinder will also catch more weed and let them fall to the bottom section of the contraption. The ground up herbs can be found in the main compartment. Unscrew and open this part of the device to retrieve the ground up herbs. The herb that has accumulated at the bottom section of the compartment can be gathered by unscrewing and opening the sieve or screen section of the weed grinder.

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