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Best Rolling Tobacco

For some older men, using tobacco is still the preferred mode of smoking. For personal reasons, tobacco smoking gives them a different kind of satisfaction similar to those who prefer to smoke cigarettes.

Tobacco smoking, however, is not just limited to using the popular pipe. Unknown to many, there are still men who like to use the very traditional best rolling tobacco type.  

Best rolling tobacco is actually a cheaper option compared to using the pipe or the modern cigarettes. You can save by as much as $300 every month. The reason it’s cheaper is because you do the rolling on your own and it is considered cool to do this thing, according to some men.

If you’re new to rolling tobacco, you need to know about the different types and flavors of tobacco you can use, where to get the raw materials, their costs and how to do best rolling properly. In terms of price, the main ingredient can cost from about one dollar to $2.50 per ounce notably for the specialty tobaccos.

You will also need cigarette papers. These are cheap costing from 50 cents to one dollar per pack. Each pack normally contains 50 papers while one ounce of tobacco can make some 20 cigarettes or more depending on the thickness you like. Tobacco and cigarette papers can be bought from your local tobacco shops, drug stores, convenience stores as well as from catalogues and online shops.

Deciding on which is the best rolling tobacco, is a matter of personal preference. Experts suggest you try out several kinds available at the local shop and once you’ve made a choice, you stick with it. Keep in mind, though, to purchase in small amounts only as tobacco can dry up quickly and once they dry up, they become hard to roll and not very pleasant to smoke. Don’t forget to store them in a sealed container particularly in a plastic bag such as a zip lock to keep them fresh.

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