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One of the most frustrating experiences for a smoker is the constant worry about a tip for his rolling papers.

If you still have some cardboard to work with from your cigarette box now you need to worry if it has imprinted ink that intoxicates our lungs more then necessary. There's a solution!

Pitara’s tips are an original creative solution; these prevent soggy tips that can ruin a nice smoke for anyone. Avoid the endless search for tips that are unhealthy to smoke through, give your self the style of a quality smoker. The tips come in three styles:

Pitara glass tipwill grant your cigarette a modern flashy style with more classic straight shape.

Pitara Elegant Rosewoodand Classic Oak Wood tipswill give your smoke an authentic Shakespearian feel and will make your cigarette image look more than a cone shape.

Choose the style suitable for you! Keep Rolling!

Display of Pitara Tips contain 20 Pcs.

Pitara rolling tips main advantages are:


2.Easy to roll

3.Easy to smoke

4.No more finger burns

5.No more soggy cigarets

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