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Scrub Bugs Cleaners

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Pipe maintenance is particularly important for the quality of your smoke. Without regular cleaning of your pipes it will eventually stop functioning as it used to. The pipe may become soggy, the taste and aroma of your tobacco will spoil. Get rid of that awful residue that clogs up your pipe and ruins the aroma and taste of you tobacco.
Since most of pipes are designed in an easily cleaned fashion, all you have left to do is to purchase a simple SCRUB BUG. The cleaners come in two different sizes depending on the size of your pipe.
It is recommended to make a habit of cleaning your pipe before every smoke. Just reach for your Scrub Bug, run it through the stem of your pipe, then tap on it slightly to remove any loosened ash or residue, and "voilà" your pipe is as good as new!
Every period of time the pipe should be cleaned thoroughly. This may include soaking your pipe in alcohol and then scrubbing with your Scrub Bug or using whatever method you prefer.
There is no higher quality pipe cleaner than Scrub Bug.
Cleaner length: Large - 16 cm, small - 8 cm.

Display of Large Cleaners contain 50 Pcs.

Display of Small Cleaners contain 100 Pcs.

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